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Golden Bird Chickene.

the begining...

In 1950 Detroit, a group of friends regularly hosted one another for dinner and parlor games. At one of those parties, the ...idea arose to open a fried chicken restaurant featuring one of the ladies’ recipes. A contest ensued amongst the friends to determine who cooked the best fried chicken. Well, Ms. Zelma used her family’s old country recipe and her chicken flew away with the honor of “Best Fried Chicken” in Detroit. (As we all learned later, it is actually the best fried chicken in the world… but back to our story.)

After three years of serving hot fried chicken in cold Detroit, our beloved founder got the brilliant idea of moving to sunny Los Angeles. In 1953, the first Golden Bird was opened in LA. The aroma of freshly cooked chicken wafted through the LA smog and captured LA’s taste buds like nothing before, or since. The lines were out the door, across the parking lot, around the corner and down the block. If you are an O.G.B. (Original Golden Birder), you remember. You were there.

It was clear that one store could not satisfy LA’s demand for this tastiest of chickens. Over the years, additional stores were opened to slake LA’s Jones for Golden Bird’s distinctive flavor.

Today, only GB uses a wet batter, thereby ensuring a crispy outside and a moist inside, saturated with the flavor that pulls you back again and again. GB rounds out your meal with daily-cooked wholesome sides and desserts worthy of complementing.



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